Featuring the Teachers

No global student-centered project whithout eduHeroes!

Although this project is student-centered, we'd love to feature the teachers who made magic happen in the classrooms. #TeachersMatter!

Teachers' Biographies

Aqsa Asif - Pakistan

An MIE from Pakistan who has been a firm believer of ict integration across all subjects.Have been associated with teaching and learning for 11 years. Have represented Pakistan on different education forums. Has been a former principal of Roots Millennium schools currently working as a visiting faculty O - levels Mathematics at Lgs Lahore Pakistan.

John Fatorma Kargbo - Sierra Leone

My name is John Fatorma Kargbo, born 24th June 1994. I was a student of EducAid Sierra Leone from 2007 to 2014. I Am a year two student now at IAMTECH college, reading an evening degree course on Development and Economics, while teaching mathematics in EducAid.

Karina Batat - Israel

I'm a Primary School teacher at Gordon School, Petah Tikva, Israel. Since 2009 member of Microsoft Educator Community. In 2016 I was nominated MIE Fellow. Head of Beta School since 2015 and ICT City Leader. The challenge of the education in the Digital Era, is turning the Digital Revolution in to Digital Evolution. Turning Education to a global and meaningful process implementing 21 CL skills.

Maria Manuela Valentim - Portugal

I am a Portuguese teacher, Winner of National Quality Label on eTwinning, Classroom Mystery Skype fan. Interested in PBL and Digital Citizenship. I work at Agrupamento de Escolas Dr. Alberto Iria in Olhão a small city in the South of Portugal. We are an ASPNet School and an Eco-School.

Shafaque Riaz - UAE

Teaches students ages 7-13 and directly leads STEM and programming activities at her school. She conducts trainings on 21st Century learning and teaching skills by innovative use of technology. She also teaches social and cultural studies.

Olivier Dijkmans - Belgium

Teacher in P5, a complete paperless digital classroom. In my multicultural group works each student on his or her own level. We try to get the whole world into our classroom with technology! Always into participating with new projects or ideas.

Neeru Mittal - India

I am a Computer Science teacher from India teaching C++ and Java to 11th and 12th graders. I love programming and use lots of technology in my class. I prefer a paperless classroom so I use tools like One Note, Sway and Office Mix to grade my students work. My passion is to teach students the way they want to learn and make my classroom the most interesting place to be!!

Mio Horio - Japan

Born in a small town, I have been pursuing the way to provide the global connections with pupils in a rural area. The winner of Global Education Contest 2017, Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and Skype Master Teacher 2016-17

Ngô Thành Nam - Vietnam

Nam is a primary school teacher of maths at Vietnam Australia International School, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. He has authored multiple articles, and has been nationally and internationally recognized for the implementation of creativity and the integration of technology into his teaching. In 2015, he was presented with the Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Award, and he represented Vietnam at the Microsoft Global Forum and got the second prize there.

Imen Tekaya Bouaziz - Tunisia

For me, Teaching is not a job, it’s my passion, it’s a sacred mission! I’m a MIEExpert, MOS(Microsoft Office Specialit), prized for the best eTwinning project in the national competition 2015, etc; but my greatest achievements are my pupils’ personal development. It’s like giving them wings. They dream again! They think differently, they step up and talk in a proper way. As a CS teacher, teaching my kids how to use software and ICT tools is not enough! With this kind of project, we humanize technology.

Jenielyn Padernal - The Philippines

Jen is an educator, an e-Learning specialist and a teaching with technology trainer living in the Philippines. She studied Computer Science in 1994 at De La Salle University-Dasmariñas (DLSU-D) and Masters in Management at the Technological University of the Philippines. She became an educator in June 2010 and also currently the Director for the Center for Innovative Learning Programs at De La Salle University in Dasmariñas Cavite. Jen says that, she never imagined she'd become and educator, but when she answered the calling she realized that BEING AN EDUCATOR IS ONE OF THE BEST THINGS THAT EVER HAPPENED TO HER. She and her husband didn't have any children, but her students gave her the chance to become a mother, not just to one or two but to hundred many others.

Emma Nääs - Sweden

I'm a teacher from Sweden but with the world as my classroom. Winner of The European Language Label, a Microsoft MIEE and the European Ambassador for project Kakuma. I love the possibilities teaching together with technology offers.

Armand Doucet - Canada

Armand has only been teaching for five years, but those five years have made a huge difference. Armand created the ‘Harry Potter Week’ campaign in his school, turning the whole school into Hogwarts (each class mirroring some Hogwarts class) while still reaching curriculum outcomes. This went viral and garnered nearly 2 million views. Further, he has developed and assisted students with ‘Passion Projects’, related to the 2020 skills, that have had positive community effects.

Hanna Dudich - Ukraine

Hanna was born in Ukraine to a family of doctors, and everyone thought she would be a doctor too. However, she was inspired by her English teacher at school to teach English as a foreign language. Experience of the American educational system as an exchange student convinced Hanna that the Ukrainian system needed some new ideas. She imported project-based learning and student-centred methods, and has spent her years as a teacher pioneering these in Ukraine, using up-to-date technology such as tablets, smartphones and Google Class pages.

Aggeliki Pappa - Greece

Since 2008, Aggeliki’s methods have been introduced into the Greek educational system with great results, and she has partnered with universities in other countries such as Folkuniversitet, Uppsala, as well as UNESCO. She was named Person of the Year by koolnews.gr in 2015. I Love Dyslexia has received numerous awards in Greece and Aggeliki herself has taken her method to the world through TED talks.

Jasper Rijpma - The Netherlands

Jasper Rijpma had a misspent youth which saw him ending up in juvenile prison. Bored in prison, he starting reading history, taught himself and applied to take state exams. On leaving the juvenile facilities at 18, he was inspired to make a fresh start and help others learn, and found that teaching was his vocation. He believes his success has been due to a small number of teachers who believed in him and his abilities. Now he is able to use his own experience to connect with students who might otherwise be described as ‘unruly’, motivating them in ways others might not be capable of.

Michael Soskil - USA

Michael believes students need meaningful emotional connections to learn. He engages them in distance learning service projects and uses multimedia technology to link them to others who are passionate about real-world problems. He has helped students connect live with over 70 countries as well as the International Space Station.

Sean Bellamy - UK

Sean took a risk in 1987 and decided to open a school run on a new set of principles – those of ‘democratic education’. Starting with fourteen teenagers, Sean established Sands, a school where the rules are decided collectively, there is no uniform, all the staff are paid the same, and everyone is on first-name terms. No adult has a power of veto, and everyone participates in running the school and doing chores. Over time, six hundred students have passed through Sands, most of them mavericks and those failed by bigger schools.

Alexander V. Chupahin - Russia

Alexander has been a high school mathematics teacher in the Russian Belgorod Region for over 20 years. His students take top places in the regional mathematical Olympiads every year and secure solid places in the national Olympiads. More than 50% of its graduates are stepping into the universities, where math is the main subject of study, and his pass rates are 100%.

Christian Williams - Australia

As a child, Christian hated going to school. He was bullied and desperately wanted to be popular but he had no friends and did not believe in himself. Then he was diagnosed with severe heart failure and given just months to live. He chose to ignore his condition and, blessed with athletic ability, he represented Australia in Lacrosse and three other sports at the highest level. At the same time he started to volunteer in children’s hospitals all around the world to mentor patients with heart conditions. As fate would have it his heart shut down again just before qualification for the London Olympics and so he decided his new dream would be to become the world’s best teacher and inspire kids globally to live their dreams.

Odeogbola Ayodele - Nigeria

Ayodele has over twelve years’ experience in public sector education (as an educator), youth development and global citizenship, and has developed unbridled passion for technology and international development in education over these years. He is currently the founder and co-founder of Genderless Nigeria and Teach Right Africa and he is deeply committed to scaling up teaching competencies, training and development in Nigeria and Africa to an enviable state. At present, he leverages on his role as a Fellow of President Barack Obama’s United States Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders to develop teacher-education and STEM Education framework, promote international best practices in education, develop educators with skills and competencies needed for 21st-century education in Nigeria and Africa with Teach Right Africa Campaign and champions UN SDG’s Access to Quality and Inclusive Education.

Amita Sharma - India

From the moment students enter a school, The most important factor in their success is not the color Of their skin or the income of their parents, it’s the person Standing at the front of their classroom….. I did my MCA from (IGNOU) Delhi. I am from India. I am TGT (Computers) teaching Computer Sc. age group (11-18) Yrs. I am a passionate learner, explorer and love to share my knowledge with any age group. I am very fervor person. Only my curiosity encourages me to accomplish my task and be the best one can do. I believe in commitment and devotion only this assiduous helps me to be the favorite of one and all. I believe "Teachers who love teaching...teach children to love learning.

Miriam Mason-Sesay - Sierra Leone

Miriam trained as a teacher at Cambridge and taught in the UK for eight years before visiting Sierra Leone – at that time the poorest country in the world. She was moved to relocate there and open a school for vulnerable children: ex-combatants, orphans and child-mothers. EducAid Sierra Leone, her nonprofit, started with twenty children and now educates over 2,500 students across nine primary and secondary schools. Due to a high emphasis on equality the participation rate of girls in secondary school is double the Sierra Leone average. Miriam leads a teaching team of 150, two thirds of whom are past pupils.

Rashmi Kathuria - India

Rashmi has been working as a maths teacher in Delhi for twenty years. She decided to teach mathematics in a new way, using a blended approach, instead of following the standard textbook method. Apart from covering literacy and numeracy, she includes life skills, entrepreneurial skills and global citizenship in her classes.

Santhi Karamcheti - India

While doing her masters in Human Genetics, Santhi used to spend time volunteering at a nearby orphanage for children with hearing and speech impairments. At one moment she decided that she was born for special education and applied for remedial teaching posts. Her first assignment was a 16-year-old boy with severe learning disabilities. Over the course of a very difficult year she managed to help him pass his Grade 10 exams.

Soheir Zaki Abdel-Fattah - Egypt

A science teacher since 1995. I got the Master degree in Chemistry in 1998. Master Trainer and Innovative Educator on Microsoft Educator Community, I love to help my students learn more about the world by using Skype in classroom program. I have created many Skype lessons to exchange culture and have participated in global events as Skype-a-Thon and Earth Day.I'm concerned with educational transformation and improvement.

Àngels Soriano - Spain

I am a Catalan language & literature teacher in Martí Sorolla (Group Sorolla) since 2000, I have had have different profiles in the school, as a teacher, member staff school. I have been a Microsoft Educator Expert since 2014, and I collaborate sharing my expertise with others teacher via online. I'm passionate about education, and I love the options that the technology allow for the students' empowerment. You can find me on Twitter, where I collaborate on different Twitter chats about Education.

Susanna Jilka

I`m a MIEExpert and MIE Fellow, teaching Mathematics, Biology, ICT, Chemistry and Physics at a middle-school connected to the Viennese Pedagogical University. I believe that all students long for education. Everyone needs to be educated the way he/she will be empowered to achieve more. There aren`t any equal students in my classroom, they all are different individuals, dreaming different dreams but all are dreaming of a peaceful future! So I show them, that dreams have no borders and that they work on their dreams

Juan Luis Muñoz Arbona - Spain

Hi! I am Juan Luis Muñoz Arbona, teacher on secondary education in Geography, History and Ethics at San Daniel school, Ceuta (Spain). I am also a lawyer and a member of the Anna Lindh Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures Spanish Network Board of Directors. I try on a daily basis to give pupils not only knowledge, as I think my personal experience could help us to promote themselves as social human beings for the future in a very competitive world.

Keshma Patel - South Africa

I am the Grade 6 teacher at Micklefield School in Cape Town, South Africa. I love creating learning environments which inspire innovation, critical thinking and collaboration. Being an MIE Fellow has allowed me to achieve all this and more!

Lukasz Gierek - Poland

It is not satisfactory to teach the technology just for the sake to know it. The point is how to use it in life to make your daily duties easier ? For many years he has worked with young people on how to use the latest gadgets. The speed of the changing technology forces him to a continuous race. How to become a winner ? Here is the question to which you will know the answer by subscribing to his class. IT teacher with a passion for the web designing and database applications. Advertising, graphics, coding. Likes it! In private life he is a keen footballer and tireless football fan. He loves meeting interesting people. He passionately discovers the benefits of using Microsoft applications.

Olalekan Adeeko - Nigeria

Olalekan Adeeko is a seasoned educator, motivator and social entrepreneur. A computer studies teacher form Nigeria with over 10 years experience. He is a MIEE, a Master Trainer, facilitator for Intel. He was recently awarded Teaching Excellence & Achievement Fellow in D.C, US.

Violeta Petkovska - Macedonia

Successful participation in international competitions, 2014 year group Tim “My homeland Macedonia” to the International Internet project “Dialogue of Cultures 2014”, “Dialogue of cultures 2015”, also I have certificates from competitions, won third place in the International competition on the theme “ Together we are growing” , written over 13 papers, publishe in the journal, Educational crossroads and scientific professional journal; Educational reflections of the Bureau for Development and Education in Macedonia. I have a certificate of training in communication skills, mathematics thinking, ICT technology, entrepreneurship. I have been a school trainer in language literacy, also I participated in the first educonference of teachers and experts in Macedonia. I am a Microsoft Innovatice Educator (MIE). I was nominated for St. Clement Charter School.

Rachel Chisnall

Kia Ora. Rachel is a passionate educator at Taieri College who is looking to break the mould of traditional schooling. In pursuit of this she co-founded #scichatNZ, became an MIEE Fellow, killed chickens in minecraft and has had an awful lot of fun. Rachel and her students have really valued this opportunity to connect with other learners from all around the world and find we are not so very different after all.
He aha te mea nui o te ao
What is the most important thing in the world?
He tangata, he tangata, he tangata
It is the people, it is the people, it is the people
Maori Proverb

Jim Pedrech - Canada

I am an English and Canadian & World Studies Department Head in Strathroy, Ontario, Canada. I strive to provide rich and meaningful learning experiences for my students. I am particularly interested in the role 21st century technologies, inquiry, and student choice can play in education.

Bushra Anis Naqvi - Pakistan

I’m Masters in Geography ,Citizenship and population studies .I’m a passionate Teacher Educator for the last 27 years and a freelance consultant with British Council for Leadership, Core skills and International school Award .I’m Cordinator for ENO-Environment Online in Pakistan .Respecting Diversity and Citizenship is my strength and have developed and promoted Global Citizenship with a slogan of ‘’Linking for Learning’’ and ‘’Together for A Better Tomorrow’’ …and it can be achieved best when we appreciate each other’s strengths and respect differences. The learners Learn best when they link with others and I believe that Teachers are agents of change and an ideal teacher is someone who loves children enough to do what is required to help the Learner Learn.and today through Technology/digital Literacy it can be achieved swiftly. Today’s leaders were once students and leaders of tomorrow are there in my Class today.

Edita Rabizaite - Lithuania

Deputy Manager at Kaunas Kazys Grinius Progymnasium; Microsoft Innovative Educator Fellow; Microsot Master Teacher Trainer.

Tammy Dunbar - Founder

Tammy Brecht Dunbar, M.Ed., STEM, teaches 5th grade in Manteca, California, USA, and is a popular presenter and trainer both in person and online. A Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, Master Trainer & Certified Educator; a Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship Certified Educator; an NCCE Professional Learning Specialist; a CUE Rock Star Faculty member, a TEACH.org Ambassador and an MUSD Teacher of the Year. She presented at the 2015 Microsoft Global E2 Conference and earned two global awards for project excellence; 2016 California Woman of the Year, Assembly District 12.

Koen Timmers - Founder

Koen is an educator and author. He's a Global Teacher Prize 2017 finalist and founder of several global projects like Wai Water (waiwater.info), Kakuma project (projectkakuma.com), etc. He's passionate about Education and more specifically Technology Enhanced Learning and bringing Empathy and Collaborative learning into global classrooms.